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Transvestight with one arm and one leg, walks in the shop.

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Working at the shop on the vegas strip, its winter and bussiness is a little slower then normal. Im takeing everything that comes in. When this person. appox 6'8" ducks under the door. Obviously a man, with a ratty old wig, a set of boobs, an 8" stub were the left arm used to be. And one titanium leg were one was missing. I try my hardest to be the professional and not act shocked at this sight. I greeted the potential customer. Who said her name was rose in a deep voice. (which happens to be my ex wifes name.)

So what are we looking to do today i said. I want a rose tattoo with sharp thorns, she says. ok sounds easy enough. Were would you like it? And in that deep voice she said. "ON MY BREAST". I thought to myself, Of coarse. And which one. She explained on the one that was by the mutilated 8" stub of an arm, that as she talks, Is flailling around with a mind of its own. Im ducking and bobbing trying to avoit it poking me.

And again i thought . Of coarse. As im preparing a custum rose for her she says" SHOULD I JUST WHIP IT OUT"? As shes grabbing it to do so. WHOA WHOA WHOA. I said, Look im kind of a titt man, So how about i give you this dental bib to protect your clothing, And we will only expose what is absolutely nessecary. And please no nipple slips ok. The session was going good and faster then normal for sure. I was in the shop alone at the time. i wanted to be done and payed. And her gone before any of the other artist showed up. They would no dought never let me live that one down. Amazingly enough i pulled it of she left. And i never mentioned anything about that custumer to my coworkers. A week later, I finally got a day off. Three other artist were at the shop. I get a phone call from my boss. Who says hey you have return bussiness if you want it. Then after a short pause i hear" tee hee hee". what wait, what tee hee hee? and in a deep voice he says its "ITS ROSE". Omg wtf.

as i walk in the shop my friend and great artist: Tommy hodges is standing in the backround, Standing on one leg and and pushing his chest up with one hand is licking his own nipple.....Trying to do another tattoo on rose. Who come to find out was a c.o. in the army for 10 years. Was tough with all the giggling and smerks. and when she left. (Another happy customer of coarse.) then all the bro derik, type jokes were relentless. So now when a new artist comes to the shop to work. Someone always explains that when a transvestight comes in. back off there here to see me.

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