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Color change possibility?


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Hello all! Stoked to be to be a part of this awesome community after lurking around for a bit haha 

I joined this forum because of all the great advice and support people have been receiving in their post. You guys rock!


Recently, I just got a dragon done with mainly black scales, with yellow/gold and orange to compliment the scales. However, I realized that I don't really like the yellow and orange and want to do a red to dark red or maroon dragon.

Is it possible to tattoo dark red or maroon over the yellow/gold and orange? How complex would it be? Any cons to this?

Another thing to mention is that not all scales are fully colored in with the yellow and orange (all the black is done already). Would the colors be slightly different for the ones I'm replacing over vs the ones that haven't been filled in yet?



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If they can completely cover a black tattoo with a different design, I'd think covering yellow and orange with a darker red would be simple.  The color probably will be different than ones done over bare skin, but should just add depth. Any decent artist should be able to easily handle this.

Also, welcome.

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