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I get ink with a little help from my friends


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Hi my names Bobby. First post here.

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to just introduce myself here and then post a separate topic, but let's try. 

First off, I know how much of the tattoo community feels about overpriced Bang Bang celebrity tattoos. Totally get it. That being said, I think Oscar Akermo is an amazing artist. I've been excited to get ink by him for over a year, and since hes in Stockholm for all of 2019, I even reached out and was willing to go there (from New York) to make it a cool memorable experience.

But I've had no luck getting through to him other than email responses from his team letting me know it will take months to get a reply, and then that doesnt even happen.

So I've been trying to find other artist alternatives without much success. Can anyone recommend artists similar to Oscar's work? In the US, even better if the East Coast, but that's not as important.



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