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New to posting! Need some advice on tattoo.


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Good morning, I've been lurking for a little bit, but im new to posting, so hello! 

Getting down to brass tax though, I have a few tattoos with a good track record of keeping them clean and healthy.

On Saturday I had the second of two 7 hour sessions, the last one being a month ago. I had a rough heal on the first one, but put it down to bad luck and the Saniderm that I was trying out, but now after the second one with the more traditional wrap method the same problem has arisen. I'm very serious when it comes to health of my tattoos and i'll say im sort of stumped by this happening. A decent portion of my tattoo looks like a burn, almost, like pockets of plasma. This is the third tattoo I've had done by my artist and the first one (4hr) was healed perfectly without problems. The last two (7Hrs) have healed with complications.

This is how the tattoo looked when I removed the wrap after sleeping the fist night, so mishandling the tattoo is almost not possible. I slept with the arm elevated and out to the side. What I'm unsure of is why the middle portion of the tattoo, the face area is nearly perfect looking. It seems that the problem has occurred on the areas that are more sensitive, being the wrist and bottom of arm, and areas of more thick black ink.  

To keep the tattoo moist the artist used Hustle Butter during the tattoo and before wrapping it. That's all that has been on this tattoo, that and Dial soap. My care routine is mild warm water, dial soap and pat dry. I haven't applied any ointment or lotion on this tattoo save for a drop of Aquaphor because it started cracking. 

Is this a possible allergic reaction to the ink/hustle butter/ whatever? Is it maybe something the artist did, maybe too rough with too many passes over delicate skin, or is it my body? I have no idea. Has anyone seen, or experienced this before? The only thing I can note is that the last two 7 hr sessions my arm did feel like it was stinging, which I would assume it was normal, after I got home from the session. 

As of now I have been cleaning it, patting it dry and letting air out in hopes of that skin flattening out, but I'm stumped, can't figure it out. 

Thanks folks!




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