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Ink Stain on Skin


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Hello, I got my first tattoo of my recently deceased pet two weeks ago and was wondering how long the ink staining the surface of my skin will stick for? I've gently washed the tattoo with un-fragranced soap twice a day and it seems to be coming off very slowly and ever so slightly. it's not that visible with flash but it's basically little bits of ink stuck in the surface crevices/lines of my skin. Thanks!

edit: i typed two weeks ago instead of two days ago oopsIMG_20191014_095711.thumb.jpg.dd0c485bc8dcf8606ef9c9f5128a7830.jpg


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It's not an ink stain. As @scottyg mentioned, tattooing creates an open wound. In the course of the healing process, a scab forms, much like it does for any other wound. This scab will usually be the same colour as the ink. As the healing process progresses, it gradually flakes off.

Scabbing usually takes place within 2-3 days but the peeling/flaking off part can take 2-3 weeks or even longer depending on a whole lot of variables.

Just keep it dry and clean and try not to scratch, peel or pull off the scabs or flaking bits. If it gets too dry, a little unscented moisturiser should help to prevent it from cracking. But you should seriously follow the advice of your tattoo artist with regards to aftercare.

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