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Does this look normal?? Or am I just being paranoid...


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Hello, so I created this account simply to ask this question, lol. I have found many forums on here when ‘googling’ healing tattoo pictures. 
okay, so to start, I got my tattoo 9/07/19 from a shop I have 2 other tattoos from, & I’ve never had an issue with any of my 4 other tats healing. My girlfriend and I got them done at the same time & they have healed VERY differently. I do know that with it being the foot that could have a lot to do with it. This time the aftercare instructions were very different than I’ve ever had before also, however I figured that also was because of it being a foot tattoo and not as easy to ‘leave be’ & let heal. My tattoo was cleaned then wrapped with saniderm & I was told to leave that on for 4 days (tattoo on sat, remove wrap on wed) then to simply wash it & apply lotion. After the 4 days I removed the wrap and it looked exactly like it did when it was done, no scabbing or anything. (My girlfriends developed deep scabs & hers is much lighter than mine, guessing she lost color from the scabs coming off). Then it slowly developed light scabs.  At the 2 week mark my tattoo finally peeled & I thought it was on its way to being done. Then it started looking scabbed again, but it’s not scabs...it’s just puffy skin there. The entire outline is raised & has strange bumps throughout. I am not sure if it is a minor ink allergy or something?? With it now being October (& I’m in Michigan) I’ve started wearing socks & it itches SO bad if I wear them. It also has a dry appearance but it clearly not dry to the touch. I’m sure I left info out, but attached are pics. Please let me know what you think. I hope I am just obsessing over nothing. 

the first pic is right after I removed the wrap and the rest are today. You can see the black outline has bubbled in areas taking over the red in it. 











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