White tattoo Tingling

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Has anyone had a tingly sensation years later to white tattoo ink? Just recently (been 3 years) since my tattoo have I started to have tingling sensation on the white part of it. So odd. I read online that people can have allergic reaction to titanium dioxide years later and that can be a symptom (looked into dental implants which were made of it and leg implants) Anyone encounter this? Also sometimes the ink gets raised as well. Thank you. 

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Hello there  - I've been doing a bit of reading around the latest research on how tattoos are maintained  - specifically the action of macrophage pigment take up - and how over time the macrophages essentially drop the pigment and there is then a re-uptake by replacement macrophages.  Macrophages are involved in various stuff around immune response and (although I haven't found any direct research on this) I would be interested to find out how many people have "allergic" reactions months or years after initial tattoo. It is possible that an individual's immune response changes over time - and at the time of macrophage re-take up (months or years after the initial tattoo) there is a difference in response (however this is just guesswork on my part at this point).  Would be great to see more research on this - but I can't find any directly related to tattoos.

Ive probably pasted this before - but here it is again - https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/03/180306101708.htm

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