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    • There is nothing wrong with how it healed. It just needs a touchup. A lot of tattoos need touchups. They aren't perfect. After getting this touched up, I strongly suggest you do not get any more tattoos. This is all part of the process, and you don't appear to like or understand the process.
    • There is nothing that is going to unify a paw and moons. They are incongruous. Just get more tattoos.
    • I got my first tattoo a few months ago, a wolf paw print on my inner wrist that has a hell of a lot of meaning. Since then, I’ve gotten three other tattoos, one of which is a set of three moons over that paw print. The initial tattoo I absolutely loved and used as a coping mechanism, and now that there’s an addition to it I don’t particularly like. I’m not interested in covering it up or getting it removed because they both have meaning, I just need ideas to unify the two tattoos and make them into something I love again. Help! 
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