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Infection and healing (visual progress)

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My leg tattoo got infected, unfortunately. That was a few months ago, and it has healed very well, with only very minimal color loss in a dime-size area. I took pics daily to assess whether things were progressing well, or regressing, and going through them now I thought they showed the healing stages quite well, so I decided to post them in case anyone is curious (or likes gross pictures).

First two are before antibiotics (oral), last set shows progress (left to right) from day 1 to day 9. You can't tell from the pictures but the infection was deep and it felt like a golf ball under the skin. 

I suspect the infection was from my dog jumping on me on day 2 or 3, despite all the precautions to prevent it.



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Thank you for this, Im current going through an infected tattoo like this but there is a lot more pus sockets. What kind of antibiotics were you prescribed if you don't mind me asking? Thanks! 

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