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(HELP!) Tattoo Appenticeship


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Hi guys, im in a seriously difficult situation and I need some advice.

So I am a tattoo apprenticeship, and I have been doing tattooing for around 2 years now. I basically worked my ass off for the past two years to get to this point. Literally just to walk into work a couple of months ago - to realise the studio was closed down.

I had no awareness that this would be the case before this happened... the Manager was shocked and we all had to immediately pack up and leave (Bikie Gang drama I suppose.. I never wanted to get involved so i packed up all my belongings and left).

Couple of months have gone by, and Its hard to find a new position at a studio as a Second Year apprentice. I decided I would apply to the studio in my new location (I just moved).


I emailed them my resume and a few pieces from my portfolio (Im paranoid about sending photos because some artists tend to steal, and Id prefer showing them in person).

They responded to me saying theyre looking for an apprentice during this month (and trails start on the 8th), however - they stated that it would be as a First year, not a second year.

So I would have to start from scratch... Now I know it may seem like not a big deal, but for me it is - I worked so hard and was basically a slave for 2 years at a studio who closed down and didnt care about the rest of us working there..

I am afraid of being taken advantage of, I dont want to just be a cleaner, i want to make art and have an artistic -like family environment. I really dont want to be used, I believe I have so much potential.


What do you guys think? It took me off wrong that they want me to start from scratch... What should i do?

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