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I got a tattoo about a year ago and ever since it healed it's been really shiny compared to my other one on my hand which looks matte into my skin. Just wondering if anyone had anything like this? Asked my artist saidbhed never seen it before (which was loads of help) to me my skin looks bunched up or like its coverd in a thin layer of glue any help would be appreciated cheers. Tried to upload a picture wouldn't let me though.

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I'm the opposite. I've just had a tattoo done on my ring finger as my wedding ring dosent fit anymore. I had it done on the 10th of Jan, it's now the 15th, it scabbed up as normal. But now the scabs come off, it looks really odd. I've had tattoos and none habe looked like this. 

Is it normal? 


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    • Hello, new to the forum, I had some questions about white ink. I got a black and grey half sleeve in 2 sessions last year. September and December. I got some white highlights that have seemed to never heal properly. Some spots are red and raised, while others are normal looking. It's been 6 months since my second session and I still have raised spots. Is this normal? I went back to the shop after my first session and they were like yeah that's fine, nothing to worry about.  I've included some pictures.    Thanks for any input!
    • A picture or two would help us provide the realistic possibilities . . . 
    • It depends. If it's a big dark, poorly done tattoo, it might be hard. If it's a small, light, faded tattoo, it will be a lot easier. Make sure you get someone really experienced with coverups. Look at samples of their work. I've seen coverups that were worse than the original. I was getting tattooed one day and this woman comes in with one of the most amateurish, God awful tattoos I've ever seen. It was a cover up. After she was gone my artist looks at me and said, "That looks like Arnold Schwartzenager climbing out of a tar pit."
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