Any ideas for my next tattoo?

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I've got an appointment on february 7, but I haven't decided what to do yet!! I have a couple of tattoos, but none of them are good (young and stupid, cheap tattoos...) I made the reservation in august hoping I'd decided til now, but things have gotten in the way, as things do...

I'm especially thinking of doing something about the one with an equation om my upper right back. 

I'm looking for tips, since I dont have a clear idea (perhaps something floral?) Should I do something around it so it still shows, something "behind" it or a cover perhaps? 

I'm pretty broadshouldered for a girl so if you have any ideas about placement that doesn't make me look even broader I'd be most thankful!

Not the best pic, can upload more later :)


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    • yes, all of it will settle and fade.
    • Hi all, just a few days ago I had my old tattoo covered up.. while getting it done it looked great and I was impressed by how is was covered up. a couple days later I realised the artist has used a lot of white to cover my old tattoo and it doesn’t match the rest of my tattoo? As you can see from the rose up to the basketball it looks very white and different colour to the majority of the tattoo. I plan on getting a half sleeve eventually but will this white fade? And is it too noticeable?    the old tattoo is also showing through quite a bit now as it’s healing but I figured that would happen. Kind of freaking out a bit now that the white looks odd! any advice or feedback would be much appreciated! thanks
    • I would just leave it alone, it looks fine for what it is.
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