Any ideas for my next tattoo?

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I've got an appointment on february 7, but I haven't decided what to do yet!! I have a couple of tattoos, but none of them are good (young and stupid, cheap tattoos...) I made the reservation in august hoping I'd decided til now, but things have gotten in the way, as things do...

I'm especially thinking of doing something about the one with an equation om my upper right back. 

I'm looking for tips, since I dont have a clear idea (perhaps something floral?) Should I do something around it so it still shows, something "behind" it or a cover perhaps? 

I'm pretty broadshouldered for a girl so if you have any ideas about placement that doesn't make me look even broader I'd be most thankful!

Not the best pic, can upload more later :)


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    • so stop having anxiety over it,the tattoo looks very legible to me,and tell your colleague to shut the hell up, that's a pretty cool tattoo IMO. love it,embrace it,wear it with pride, and don't worry about what other people think of it.
    • Wow, I can't see having any stress over that.  Don't worry what others think/say, if it means something to you and/or your family, enjoy it and don't worry!  I'm beating that in 95% of your interactions with others it will be covered anyway. Adopt an old man's attitude... screw 'em!
    • Hi! I just got myself a new tattoo for my mom and dad and I loved it until a colleague missread the tattoo. If you read it as a text and pronounce q and k together it sounds like dick in my langugage and now i cant stop thinking about it. I have been having a lot of anqxiety over this and now I am already thinking of doing a coverup if possible or remove it. Anyone else who have had a simular experience when someone missread your tattoo in a bad way?
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