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Hi there,

I wondered if anyone has had an infected tattoo and it’s ended up still looking good  after healing? I got a beautiful foot tattoo just over a week ago and with all the best will in the world, it’s got mildly infected. No pus, no streaks. But red and raised and quite sore after a week. Think I caught it early. The doctors put me on antibiotics which is a relief but I’m worried for my beautiful piece of artwork. The once beautiful leaf detail is covered in scabs and I can’t the detail anymore. I know patience is key and time will tell.... but just wondered if anyone also had personal experience of this to share? 
I’ve attached pics of it just done and also today so you can see. 
Thank you, from a manic little sausage in the UK xx






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Little update on this.... turns out, I think the tattoo was damaged with the infection ☹️
Most of the scabs are now away and on the leaf nearest my heel and the word ‘All’ (where the main site of infection was) there is a sort of damaged red scabless centre. It looks pretty damaged and you can see the ink hasn’t taken well. The middle leaf doesn’t look too clever either. It still has a small scab that’s stuck fast. The third leaf looks fine. Although still very milky. Pics attached.
Hey ho. A touch up it is. But I can tell the skin is quite damaged so maybe I’ll leave it for a while. Soooo cross with myself! 😡





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When my tattoo was infected, every bit of the color fell out. It was months before it could be touched up. We waited a few weeks and tried, and the needle just went straight through the flesh. It was bizarre. Just give it a few months and with a touchup, it will be good as new.

Were you wearing shoes while it healed? I had my feet tattooed (much more heavily than yours) in the winter, but I still rocked flip flops until they healed. Might try that, even if your feet get cold. Or maybe wait until summer to get it touched up.

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