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Tattoo lost colour ?


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Hi guys, greetings from India.

Just got my tattoo done 9 days ago for which i had been planning for a long time. Healing is going decent but there seems to be alot of scabbing.

My main concern is that the fresh skin which i can see under the peeled area does not show any colour (suppose to be red). Is it just the initial milky skin which will heal and show colours later or will I have to get a touchup in the near future.

Attaching a few pics to show what i mean:

-1st pic is the milky skin which is suppose to be red but is mostly white?

-2nd pic is current day healing progress of the tattoo. As you guys can see lots of peeling and scabbing mostly cause I have super dry skin (have been washing and moisturizing twice a day).

-3rd pic is of the day after I got my tattoo post first wash.




Thanks alot for your help !!

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