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Many small or few large tattoos.


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Looking through internet and running around pictures of tattooed people that had theirs  70% body's area  tattooed I have noticed that people often choose to have smaller tattoos rather than large ones.Which started to made me wonder why often people  choose to have quantity instead of size. In my personal opinion one larger images are more readable while smaller tends to merge one into another. I still think it looks cool and I know that this everyone's personal taste and decision but makes me wonder why majority opts for smaller tattoos. What are yours preferences?



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Yep, I'd think that $$$ has a lot to do with it.  If you're an average working stiff it takes time and self control to save up the money for a large piece.  Sure you can spread it out over time, but who wants to look at an incomplete tattoo for 5 years?  At least with assembling small ones you can enjoy each one as it's finished.

Instant gratification and all.

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IMO large tattoos,like full back or full leg or arm sleeve are a sign of the times, large tattoos are a part of the new tattoo world we live in,

social media has also changed the tattoo world,

when I started getting tattooed in the early 80's, it was all small pieces,

back when I started you walked into a shop on a Friday night,picked a flash off the wall,and waited for your turn,

I have one large tattoo,but all the rest I have are small to medium size,

to each his own,

but personally I like the traditional look of many small tattoos, 

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I prefer to plan my tattoos based on body parts. In my mind, the body is a canvas split into various "parts". The chest, the back, the upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, etc.

For example, I plan my upper and lower arm half sleeves with an idea or theme in mind. On the other hand, my lower left leg is reserved solely for smaller pieces of flash that might catch my fancy from time to time. Elsewise, I intend to continue planning each part as a "large" complete tattoo in and of itself.

The reason is my absolute lack of any form of artistic sense. If I get "smaller" tattoos, I cannot envision how they would work with other tattoo ideas that I might have. That would probably leave me with a smattering of small tattoos with huge empty spaces in between... an absolute waste of tattoo prime estate.

I have seen the "body suit" that many people have that are made up of small tattoos with little to no link to each other. Personally, I don't think it looks any less impressive than a specifically designed body suit. It just messes with my mind. Gives me tattoo block. Lol.

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i have a few large, multi-session tattoos and plenty of one shot tattoos, so i know and love the feelings of each. i've also thought about this in the past after starting and completing the multi-session pieces.

one shot tattoos get you that instant gratification. they can be sign posts thru life or little things to remember. they work better for collectors who want to get tattooed by many different tattooers and have different experiences or vibes. they can fill the itch quickly, with little to no thought.

large, multi-sessions tattoos are a whole other experience.  It takes planning, commitment and dedication which increases the level of gratification.  Each step along the way gets you closer to the finished product and furthers the anticipation. Schedule a consult. Consult. First session line work. Shading. Color. Details. The final wipe down. BEING DONE. There are times when you dread going in for that one part that's gonna hurt like a motherfucker. There's the joy when you see that part done and you know that a tattoo needle never has to touch that part again, for the rest of this lifetime. You build up a relationship and familiarity with your artist.

You can still get some of those same feelings with smaller tattoos. You can get a body suit of one shot pieces by the same artist. You can plan how all those pieces are gonna fit together and get the gratification of getting each spot done.

here are a couple examples by Paul Dobleman and you gotta love both! It's really just the aesthetic and experience that each individual is seeking, and that journey is as different as can be. (by the way, @Nadams1024, the mermaids are facing outwards and it's still right).


i guess this is just a long-winded way of saying that it's all good, to each his own, just keep getting tattooed!!


dobleman front.JPG

dobleman front 1.JPG

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