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Kids' names - now they've changed.. what to do?


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My husband and I had 3 kids, girls, and when they were all tiny I had their names tattooed around my ankle in a decorative style like an anklet, with tiny leaves and flowers. 

The oldest is now 26 and non-binary with a new name, and one of the twins, aged 19, is now a trans man, and also has a different name than what's on my ankle. 

I adore my kids and I love the new names they've chosen, which suit them well. We are very close and I want to add their new names to my tattoo collection.  I am curious how others who have also had this experience have handled it as it relates to tattoos. I have no intention of crossing out or erasing the birth names, and my kids do not expect that, of course, since that was our family truth at the time, but I'm trying to find a super creative way to honor their new names alongside the original tattoo to reflect the transition, perhaps. 

To me, the only names I would ever have tattooed on me is those of my children, so even though this will make it kind of look like I have 5 kids, or that I have some baby daddies I'm adding to the mix (??) when someone looks at my leg, I can't really be concerned about that, but I would like to add the names and somehow integrate them logically and artistically. 

I'd love to see how others may have addressed this conundrum! I know I'm not the only one 😃


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