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New tattoo on right shin/calf


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Hello everyone, 

After having a ten year break I got another tattoo 2 days ago. It’s on my right side of shin/calf and goes from ankle to almost to the knee. He applied saniderm right away and asked me to keep it on for 3 full days. I will remove it tomorrow. He told me to use balm he gave me afterwards. He also said not to work out for couple of days. 
now I have questions

-I have been reading online and it is suggested to apply another saniderm and keep it for 6-7 days. Should I ? 
- can I work out starting tomorrow after I remove the saniderm or before ? I do spin bike hour a day at home. 
- if I remove saniderm tomorrow and keep it balmed, can I start working out daily afterwards? 
I can keep it clean in home settings and clean it afterwards. 
thanks everyone for your input. It’s been so long since I got a tattoo. 


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hi, I would just keep the original Saniderm on for 4 or 5 days,that should be fine,

you can workout as much as you want,the only thing that could possibly be bad is pain,if you don't have that or don't mind then do it,

the only other thing that could effect the Saniderm is sweating,

you can workout til you fall over after the saniderm is off,

and after the first 4 or 5  days have passed and you remove the Saniderm there is not much chance of infection,

I start using Aveeno daily moisturizer everyday right after I take off the Saniderm 

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