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Advice & Tips for finding an Artist


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Hey everyone!


So I’m using this time in lockdown to really think about my next tattoo. I still have a lot to think about design wise but want most of that to come from working with the artist - I’m not very artistically minded so while I have an idea, I have no clue what would work best let alone as a tattoo and I fully accept this.


That being said - I have no clue how to search for an artist that I connect with. I am currently technically homeless as I was traveling internationally for work when this all started and had sold everything before I left. I have no clue where I’ll be when the lockdowns are lifted and I find a new job so I know I can’t narrow it down by location yet unless I’m willing to possibly travel for one (I’m not ruling that out honestly, but it’ll be only if I can’t find one locally I like - wherever I end up).


So I’m looking for advice on what you all have looked for and tips you have to find an artist you love and gets you/your ideas.


Advice I already know/have gotten:


- Instagram

- ask around (how I found my first shop, a friend went there, but wasn’t sold for more than the small tattoo I got)

- find an artist with a style you like or that specializes in what you want (but I mean really? I get this is actually good to do, but how do you go about this?!)


Honestly, this process is partially what has delayed me getting my next tattoo. It’s a bit overwhelming. Where do you start when you have no clue what would really work?! There are so many amazing styles and artists out there, how do you find someone who you click with and will give you honest advice about what will and will not work?

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Art is subjective - and what style resonates with you is truly what should guide with with respect to style and artistry. There really are no wrong answers to this question. 

Learn to visually discern if a healed tattoo has clean, clear and straight lines PLUS good ink saturation. At that stage you can gauge if you've found a good tattooist.   

You'll need to satisfy both answers in order to be truly happen with the result and decades of wear. 

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good points @SStu

i would also add that, aside from finding style and artistry that fits your vibe, making a connection can be difficult. conventions are a good start, if you can find time to chat with an artist who isn't busy... but oftentimes, good artists are already tattooing or their mind might be consumed with all that goes with that. still.. if you hang around their booth enough, you can catch their vibes or maybe find some time to chat and see if you connect. i will say, some of them get super into their work and might not be as approachable as they would be otherwise.

visiting shops is also a good way to catch a vibe of the shop, in general. again, if the artist is busy, you might not get a great feel for who they are. if you're in there long enough, you might catch a bit of their conversations or personality or how they're interacting with the client they're working on at that moment, and that could provide some sense.

honestly, sometimes, it's really just hit or miss and you don't know until you get in chair. the more you do that, the more you get an understanding of what you're looking for.


so, just keep getting tattooed!!

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I have reached out to some good artists and boy they are booked ... like several years in advance and charge lotsa moola that's above my pay grade. So it's not just finding someone but someone who is reasonably accessible as well that I'm finding

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