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Ideas to reopen the studio after the lockdown


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Hey guys, 

We wrote some tips on how to re-open the studio as safely as possible after this covid situation calms down:

1 - Have hand sanitiser readily available
Clients should use it to disinfect their hands upon entering the studio. Some clients might bring items such as bag, cellphone, headphones or other item-  consider disinfecting those too.

2 - Essential personnel and clients only
Do not allow more people than necessary inside the studio. Set the limit and stick to it. The ideal would be just the artist and the client, but whenever that's not possible, we advise a maximum of 3 people for every 50 m2. This will mean the clients should not be accompanied by friend and significant others. 

3 - Don't allow walk-ins on a first phase
Make sure every client makes an appointment so that they can receive the guidelines for the safety procedures from your site or via email.

4 - Masks are a must
You should wear a good mask and have mask for your clients (or asked them to bring their own). Masks should be kept during the full process (including payment and breaks). Some pieces might take several hours so if masks are not a feasible solution, consider isolating or distancing your face from the clients face as much as possible. Plastic barrier are a possible solution.

5 - Avoid breaks, apply safety measures when you can't avoid
If it's a quick tattoo, there's no need for snack and bathroom breaks. Long processes will probably require removing the mask or going to the bathroom or a smoke. When this happens, make sure the sanitation guidelines are followed.

6 - Disinfect all surfaces after each client
This includes front desk, table, chairs and other essential elements. Even the floor is a good idea.

7 - Set the limit of customer per day
Start by defining with your team a number as low as possible and increase it gradually according to your country's guidelines.


Sourced from Tattoos Wizard


What do you guys think?


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