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New member!!! Hoping to get some opinions to fix a tattoo I regret

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    • hey guys new to this forum, hopefully someone can help me.. I am getting my upper arm re-worked currently and I was told during consult that it would take 6-8 hours total. I decided to break that up into two sessions (confirmed via email between me and my artist) and had my first 4-hour session already. When my artist took me up to the front to pay after my session, they told me that it would take an additional 8 hours. I felt totally blindsided by this... I can understand it taking maybe 1-2 hours more than expected (that is normal for any larger/complicated tattoo) which I fully accepted due to the quoted time window.. but adding another 4 hours is a big jump. Especially when you start translating that into $$... it's an extra 900 on top of the 500 I already paid for my first session (I was quoted 600-800 total, depending on time). I feel like the artist wasn't up front with me and I'm stuck now with unfinished work. Plus my experience wasn't that awesome- there were some other things that happened during the appt that made me feel super rushed and like I was being hustled out the door. The artist sprung this on me right at the door as I was about to walk out.  Is it appropriate for me to ask my artist to float the cost of the additional hours it will take to finish it? I feel like they bit off more than they could chew, realized that it was going to take longer and is now asking me to pay for their oversight. I get that there can sometimes be 1-2 hour differences, but honestly adding four extra hours is pretty suss to me- especially as I'm being hustled out the door at closing time. If the artist had at least sat me down and said "hey, this is a much bigger project than I expected and we are probably going to need another four hours to complete this. I am so sorry but can we meet in the middle on this?" and approached it that way, I would have been much more willing to pay whatever it took to finish it. But the way this went down just left a bad taste in my mouth. They also seemed annoyed that I wanted to use my deposit for my session and said I'd have to put down another deposit for my next appt... It was all really weird and I felt really upset about it after I left. What do you think I should do? Am I being unreasonable to ask for my artist to eat the cost of the extra time ? 
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