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Tattoo lumpy rash


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I got this tattoo around 7 months ago, it had healed perfectly, now it has a raised lumps mainly on the red pigments of the tattoo and is itchy . Within these 7 months I got another tattoo on my forearm that healed oddly and had an itchy raised outline, the itchy outline is now completely gone and has been for many months, I am unsure if this new rash on the rose and dagger tattoo is related. I have many tattoos, and have never had a bad reaction, before the forearm tattoo done after the Rose and dagger tattoo. Does anyone know what these lumps could be? 



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I'm no expert, but in my research I've learned that there's a few possible causes for this. If it's an allergic reaction it can go away on its own. Some get it days after getting the tattoo and others years - it varies person to person. If it doesn't go away on its own definitely go see a dermatologist or at the very least talk to your tattoo artist.

It could also be an infection caused by lack of proper care during the healing process. I've also learned that applying too much skin care products can essentially cause itchy, white bumps.

Again, I'm not an expert and someone else here will probably have a better answer for you. But if you're that worried about it talk to your artist or see a dermatologist. Good luck and try not to worry.

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