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Looks great, I'm excited. I was actually a little dissapointed that no one listed Freddy Corbin in their top 25, especially since influence on the industry of tattooing in general was a consideration on some of the lists. I'm glad to see he's getting his props in this new show. Here's a link to Scott's interview with Freddy in case anyone missed it:

Freddy Corbin Video Interview with LST

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Chris Grosso, the producer (I think), sent me an email thanking me for promoting the show and asked if I would post the ads that will be running for the first episodes on here as well, so here goes:



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is this something that'll be viewed online or on the "Vice Channel"?

Seems to me like it's an online thing. Judging by what my producer friend says about the internet (he never shuts up about YouTube), I think that's a really good thing! I can't remember why, but it's great.

Plus, it's good for us too, because we'll be able to watch it for free, and won't have to lend it to a friend who takes ages giving it back, haha.

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I'm glad to see he's getting his props in this new show.

Freddy Corbin for me takes what is largely generic images of the black and grey genre and always manages to stamp his definitive style on it . Those Scorpions .....

Man for me not only does he make my top 25 ,hes getting 5 places all to himself .All day long .

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Shawn, thanks for sharing the airing information via your blog, no doubt one of the regular blogs I visit.

Valerie, just saw your blog post, thanks for the kind words towards LST.

I'm setting up scheduled posts for OV for the airing schedule, so it'll automatically add an update a few days before each show airs to remind folks what's coming next. Easier to do it all tomorrow than to forget to update when a new episode is about to air.

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