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Where on my left arm should I get this? (first tattoo)

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Posted (edited)

Hi, i'm here to get some advice on tattoo placement for my first tattoo.

I'm going to get it on my left arm, but not sure where.

Also, I'm planning on having the artist remove the grass from the bottom.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and also, thank you for having me 🙂

keith flint bw.png

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Posted (edited)

This is a pretty good video to watch. I think she does a nice job of explaining placement.

I think the image would work well as lower or upper arm. Just make sure he isn't upside down. Lol Really, though, it's all subjective. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that. 

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    • Great insight, thank you. I have an email into the artist to get his design thoughts. It seems like American Traditional typically has color but I think black/gray or black/gray/blue would really look good. Especially given the size of the piece. Bailing on the olive branch idea as well. I think some subtle clouds/wind will be fill it out.
    • Hi, I just joined to get tattoo ideas and also feedback on my current tattoo cover-up. Thanks 🙂
    • Hi everyone... sorry, I thought I'd posted here earlier. I've found this site a few times over the last year searching various topics. I've never traveled and tattooed... so I would like to.  I feel like I'm still practicing right now... I feel like I'm getting close to figuring out my own styles. I kind of just try to do my best at tattooing whatever people want.  I just want to get better at it.  
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