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Losing Weight With Several Tattoos


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Hello I am about to begin a journey of losing weight and have looked on various webpages to answer my question but I am still concerned. Currently I have Two wrist tattoos one script and one Ying/Yang tattoo on both hands. In addition to this I have scriptures on the inner part of my arm and I am concerned that If I lose a lot of weight, say 100 or so, which will happen gradually, no surgeries, that the letters my blend in som way and ruin the design. I don't mind having to get it retouched so it shines again, but I would be a bit sad if the artwork is ruined the tattoos are a way of expressing myself and also reminding me of certain things so they are important. 


The lines missing from the Ying/Yang are on purpose

Ama te ipsum preimum means Love yourself first
Per Aspera Ad Adastra- Through struggle or hardship we reach the stars- Also known as Ad Adastra Per Aspera- We reach the stars through Hardship, I emphasized the hardship instead of the stars

Pulcher- Beaughty


As you can see these are really important to me

Sorry for posting this in this section but no others were avaiable to me.


20200810_215430 (1).jpg

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stop worrying about it, there is nothing you can do about what a tattoo will do on your skin over the years,

is what people here tell you going to make you not get healthy and not lose the weight you want to ?

all those tattoos you have as with all tattoos on anybody ,will meld together and fade over the years.

that's just the nature of tattoos,

follow your heart and lose the weight,everything will be fine.

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I knew a guy that got a skull on his bicep when he was a skinny little guy. He started lifting weights and developed these huge arms. The skull was stretched out and looked really comical. But given the spot where you have your tattoos, the way they are placed, and the subject matter, I wouldn't give it a thought.

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