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I’m new to the world of tattooing and have been making flash for a couple of years, all American Traditional type stuff. I started with watercolors, but found creating digital more forgiving.


I was inspired by Sailor Jerry, so what made my jump to digital easier was the understanding that he was into technology and probably would have embraced the tools and apps for creating digital art to an extent.


I see a lot of painted flash, but rarely see anything made electronically. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places?


My question to the community is, is digitally-created flash generally frowned upon in the tattoo community? I mean, it serves the same function as traditional flash, so I don’t think that it should matter much. And also, in these days of custom tattoos, does flash still matter?



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Lots of artists create digitally - nothing wrong with that. The question is - what do you want to do with your end product? There is a large quantity of traditional hand painted flash out in the world, so if you're thinking about selling digital traditional flash I'd be surprised if there is a market. 

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