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Hello, need a bit of tattoo advice...


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Hello, my name is Luciana. 28 yrs old, from Texas.

I got my first tattoo at 16 (illegally in someones kitchen) yes I know, bad, and I havent gotten any 'jailhouse' tattoos since my teen years. Lesson learned from a now covered up tattoo on the back of my neck LOL.

I've been around the block a few times and have accumulated 11 tattoos over the years. So the reason why I've made this post is to ask the question of: Is the way my current tattoo turned out due to bad after care or just shoddy tattoo work? I've never had a tattoo heal like this and am wondering what the white patches/spots are of skin are. I know this much ink fall out isnt normal. Is this infected? Or am I just overthinking things?

I met the tattoo artist at a pop up event and watched them tattoo. I thought the work was great, but of course fresh ink always looks great, the skill was what I was most focused on as I didnt want a shitty tattoo.All my tattoos have been done by men so I was pretty excited to get tattooed by a woman. I met up with them later in the week at their studio and got a small scythe tattoo dedicated to Santa Muerte. I was immediately confused as to why the work looked so shaky and had uneven lines when the first night I saw them tattoo someone they had bold and even line work, it really did look great. I chalked it up to what I was wanting being smaller and all the pieces I saw her do were much bigger and not so much detail (outlines, geometric designs, etc).


Well, fast forward a few days and Im all scabbed up, which is normal but whats not normal Im seeing is the ink loss Im expriencing and these weird white patches also where some of the ink is falling out. Like the bottom of the scythe is completely gone, only like a white line of little bumps remaining. The banner work and lettering is so bad... Ive already set up an appointment at a shop I go to to get it fixed and following the the advice the lady at the shop gave me I increased the amount of times I washed it per day, it feels A LOT better irritation wise but the bumps are still there. I cant tell if it's getting better or worse or just staying the same.


Was it my fault the tattoo turned out so bad by having shitty aftercare or was this tattoo artist just not as good as I thought? Even my jailhouse tattoos healed better than this!










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20 minutes ago, oboogie said:

You crack my shit up.

I honestly don’t know how anyone can even remotely think that... could be due to shit aftercare. No amount of shit aftercare can attribute to terrible lines; doesn’t even look like they went deep enough AND to top it off; that much ink fall out is craziness. I’d be rockin up to where I got it done and demanding a refund; on top of that abusing the crap out of them for such a shit job. As you mentioned, at least it’s light enough to be covered up. I feel sorry for the OP but seriously. No more “pop ups”. And definitely do some research on reputable tattoo artists in your area.  

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