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Hells yeah! Thanks for putting the flyer up Jake.

Some of the shit (tattoo designs, tattoo shirts, shop shirts, random drawings at the shop) Tim Lehi comes up with are hilarious. Anyone ever see the Blackheart Tattoo shirt he drew up of all the guys dressed like Bears?

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Here's a more recent pic of me if anyone I don't know already wants to say hello. I will be a little late as I'm getting worked on by Jondix today, but I'm planning on being there.

I haven't heard of any shuttle, at least not one organized by Blackheart, but cabs are pretty abundant.

I'm crossing my fingers for those of you waiting on flights!

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One lost bag later...womp-womp....

almost always happens to me. nothing like being in rural ireland with one set of clothes and a bunch of photo equipment for 7 days!

so it looks like homework and getting up at 6:30 in the morning on saturday to go do the AFSP walk in sacto may get in the way of coming to this (or at least staying late).

if i'm there, i'll be the short girl with pigtails, probably wearing a jacket with a huge "liberate" patch on the back (or a cro-mags hoodie). i'm pretty shy which some people confuse with being intimidating (seriously, how intimidating can a 5ft girl be?), but once you get me started, i'll be a blabbermouth (as if you couldn't tell this from here : P)

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Hahahahahahhaha!! It would be amazing! But it looks like everyone is going to show. All the confirmation calls went through. WHen you want 'em, they're nowhere to be found, and when you wish they'd fuck off, they're at your door.r Hahahah! Oh well, murphy's law, or whatever.

take lots of pics, tell me all about how much fun it is and blah blah blah

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