Your favorite tattoo?

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agree with you both! it's tough to pick a favorite, but I enjoyed the thread even sparking the thought. made me think of my tattoos and some of the experiences that came with them. the brain's a funny thing, eh?! you see a tattoo or hear a trigger like this and it immediately opens those memory banks and you get a rush of good vibes!

that all said, i have some small ones that mean a lot. i got a mini portrait of my dog who passed in 2016 on my inner wrist that i see all the time and it makes me smile. it's at least in my top 5!

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I don't know how to answer this without lying, sounding like a douche, or both. I have several I could choose. 

I'll narrow it down to the first one I got that my wife also got that is a stick figure faimly portrait I drew her for mother's day or the dragon I got at Three Tides in Tokyo- both for obvious and different reasons. 

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That is a tough one. Each was likely my favorite when it was new. I would say the gypsy ladyhead by Marina is the most likely answer to this question.

Did you ask this in a Facebook group too?

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No, not even a member of any tattoo FB groups. Just thought it would be an interesting discussion. For myself, I guess it would be the cameo of my wife. It came out just perfect.

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    • FXRrich: Yes, the colors are well balanced and similar: the style has continuity doesn't it?
    • What’s up everyone, new guy here from Philly area. It’s been about 5-6 years since I’ve been tattooed and haven’t followed as closely as once did. Now that I’m at a place where I’m able to seek out pieces and projects i want I’ve got that itch to really get back into it.   I’ve got a sleeve by Myke chambers and also a back piece that we started and need to get finished. From the brief reading I’ve done, he doesn’t get much love here. Im a big fan of American traditional but I love and appreciate all styles of tattooing. I’ve been saving my left arm and right leg for a special project, after getting lots of pieces on a whim or just hanging in the shop late night and letting your friend go to work.  Currently waiting on my passport so I can begin trying to start a sleeve project with Peter Lagergren 
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