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Warm tatoo


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Hey folks.

I'm not quite sure I'm asking the right place, but I do not know where else to go.

A couple of years ago I got a really nice tattoo done.

It is quite a large tattoo (about 7 hours of work in a day) and it contains a lot of red, despite the fact that I am aware that it can cause an allergic reaction.

It healed really well. But I sometimes get a warm feeling in the skin in a certain part of the tattoo.

It's not a burning sensation, but more like someone holding a warm hand on the skin. It comes once in a while, and typically lasts most of the day, after which it goes away on its own again.

It does not itch and the skin does not seem to be swollen.

Have any of you experienced anything like this?

does anyone have a clue what it might be?

And is that something I should get examined by the doctor?

Thanks in advance

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Actual reactions to red are pretty rare. I think it's a hold over from the old days when Red contained mercury.

It doesn't itch, it isn't swollen, then I wouldn't worry about it. You'd probably have to see the doctor while it was warm. Good luck with that.

I have lines that raise up once in a while. Black ink. I don't worry about it.

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