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Heart pocket watch for guy


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As the title says really. Is a heart pocket watch tattoo for a guy too feminine? I had an idea of doing a regular pocket watch for my son and a heart for my daughter but wondering if a guy getting a heart pocket watch is a bit unheard off. 


Thinking I might be better off with 2 regular but different designs. 


Any ideas or comments appreciated. 



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Sounds like a good thing to talk over with your artist during the consultation:  

A pocket watch seems like a pretty neutral object:  with gears and mechanical touches it could be interpreted potentially more "masculine", with flowers/hearts maybe more "feminine", but at the end of the day who cares:  Let the artist know what you want, some ideas/guidelines, and let them do their magic.  

No matter what happens there'll be people who love it, hate it, and everything in-between.  The only opinion that matters is your own!

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