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Hi Everyone

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Hi, I just joined to get tattoo ideas and also feedback on my current tattoo cover-up.

Thanks 🙂

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Thanks, here is what I had before and what I have now.

I think its a good job because it wasn't easy to cover up, but do you think there are aspects of it that can be better?

Thanks again




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15 hours ago, SStu said:

In all honesty, the result seems a bit muddy. I'm not so sure the 2nd tattooist has had much experience with this endeavor. 

Yes I think some parts are better than others and it isn't easy to notice what there is 😞

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On 10/1/2020 at 7:23 PM, Syntheticfish said:

It doesn't look finished... a few more hours at least detailing with opaques might help.


Thanks, I am soon to visit him again and see what he thinks.

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    • Personally, I really like it. It's bold and ties in nicely with your other pieces. But this is just my opinion, and what matters is what you think. Try to stay calm and take your time. But as I said, I think it looks good.
    • Hello All. Im going through massive regret and anxiety from a recent cover up that turned out really dark, its almost a blackout. Its totally not what i iexpected. I'm thinking white over black ink could be a soloution to save this and have it looking good ? i've seen some really good results with white. I never wanted or imagined so much black, and did everything to avoid it, but the artist was not clear about his vision, and im  in shock at the moment. going through massive anxiety and depression. If any of you care to say what you think about it, i'd appreciate it
    • Tattoos don't heal on a schedule. 4-6 weeks is a general guideline. I had one that didn't completely settle for a year. It was the purple color that didn't look quite right. I forgot about it and at some point I looked at it and noticed that it looked perfect.
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