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Seeking advice...my brother and I just ordered a rotary pen setup, and are about to begin the journey of learning the art of the tattoo profession. Both of us have kids, around 40 years old, and have full time careers. We both have an extensive background in art and design while loving the art of tattoos as we have many. We have always wanted to learn the trade but our daily lives, commitments, and region in which we live is not conducive at all to being able to be an apprentice under anyone. So, I’m seeking advice, tools, and ways of getting proper instruction/information to learn properly. We have zero intention of diving into tattooing each other etc... and take the process of learning very seriously. Putting in the practice time and learning the proper skills is very important to us. Any advice you all might have would be very much appreciated and considered very valuable coming from people in the profession. Thank you!

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