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Started my sleeve. What would look good next?


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Hi all, 

I just had my first big piece done and and am overall happy with the result. I went for a manmade vs nature theme. 

My only question is how do you think I should continue the sleeve? I was thinking a rose or another animal. Would it fit in with the cog above? If not, What other designs would you consider that would fluidly continue the sleeve? I definitely want more detail in the rest of it though.



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22 hours ago, SStu said:

I like it! 

Roses would work really nice. Ferns? 

Sextant? Tools? Engine?

Close-up of a Scarab or other bug?

Thanks man! I like the idea of an engine actually and it would fit really well with the cog theme. As my plan is to do 1 nature piece followed by something manmade, I'll probably do a rose/set of flowers into an engine below.

Also gonna go back on Wednesday to get the lion eye shaded in blue, which I think would look quite cool

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