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A Student New to LST


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I am a student in college studying anthropology right now, and I am in the middle of putting together an online ethnography, which is basically a project based on analyzing interactions within certain groups of people online. Me and my group have chosen to analyze interactions between tattoo artists specifically online. Our goal is to find new information about what kinds of topics tattoo artists are interested in and if there are any other subgroups of tattoo artists such as feminist artists and artists that specialize in certain styles of tattooing. As well as any other cool things we find out! 

Would anyone be able to help steer me into the right direction for what I'm looking for? For example, refer me to other sites I can look at or specific people I could talk to that are interested in my project.

On a side note I am excited for my new tattoo I'm getting this Saturday it will be cocoa and vanilla plants combined in a bouquet on my shoulder!! I will post a picture of it here. 

I'm looking forward to meeting new people and getting help, thanks! If anyone is interested in contacting me directly my email address is ameliajones687@gmail.com


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Welcome to LST!

Unfortunately, there aren't many tattoo artists who frequent this forum anymore.. it's mostly collectors or folks who are new to tattooing, asking if their tattoo is healing correctly. if you want to look back at some past interactions, there are my different threads to be mined with lots of gems within.

I would say that most tattoo artist online interaction is done thru IG. I'm not sure if podcasts and youtube videos count, but if so, we can point you the right direction.  For instance, Andrew Stortz has a great podcast called "Books Closed" that often discusses "new information about what kinds of topics tattoo artists are interested in and if there are other subgroups." The latest episode is pretty hilarious, discussing tattooing as a performance art and highlighting this artist who does some cuhhhraaaayyzee shit like tattooing while playing the cello.

There are definitely different subgroups based on all the various styles and people of the world, in general. Not sure how much you already know, but a few high level styles include: traditional, new school, neo-trad, black and gray, black work, tribal, geometric, japanese, color realism, biomechanical, and many many more!

Anyways.... I hope this is a good start and I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your new tattoo.


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If you know Spanish there is this channel which goes pretty in depth on the tattoo artists' way of life, their interests and how they developed their style (mostly neo traditional artists) https://www.youtube.com/c/NeoTraditionalSpain
Vice and Inked channels also have a series on tattoo styles. It is pretty basic and l am not really into it but maybe it can serve you as a starting point.
Aaaaand maybe Grace Neutral's documentary can also help you since it portraits how tattooing is not yet accepted everywhere in the world.

hope it helped!

Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 8 Pro mediante Tapatalk

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