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Incredibly depressed and anxious about my new tattoo


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I got two new tattoos a couple of days ago. These weren’t my first but definitely the largest/most visible pieces. 
I planned these for awhile and the stencils looked good. 
The most turned out great, but the piece bellow it didn’t (two skulls in the moon). I feel physically sick... I can’t eat anything at the moment because I’m so stressed out. Feel like I ruined my arm completely and I’m just embarrassed. 
I feel dumb. 


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That is an EXTREMELY lovely tattoo.... do you know what I have learnt throughout my 23 tattoos to date? Your expectations in your head is what ruins it sometimes. I have hated pieces purely because they didnt turn out the way I wanted. The one piece on my leg I hated so much because of my expectations, is the one i get the most compliments on. 

your tattoo is sick! I’m jealous. 

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