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Getting a cover up =)

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Getting one of my tattoos covered up in a couple of months. I've never been truly happy with my Freddie Mercury tribute and decided to finally do something about it. I was expecting my artist (who has done work on me before) to tell me I need to fade the tattoo with laser treatment, but he actually said I might be able to get away without it. After my consultation I'm feeling pretty good about it! But would be curious to hear thoughts or ideas from the community.

Here's what I'm getting covered:

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And here was a very rough sketch that my artist doodled on his iPad.

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Which is based on this classic Freddie look:

Leadership lessons from the legend- Freddie Mercury - NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter


He told me he'll be working on this and other ideas and will get back to me with some designs within the next couple weeks or so. So what do you guys think? Any comments and/or suggestions?

Obviously, I'm willing to do laser if necessary. But I want to see what he comes up with first. 

If anyone wants to check out some of his work, click here.

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1 hour ago, SStu said:

Looks to be a good idea, to me. The artist looks to be quite capable and has done some pretty damn good portraits, too. 

Thanks! Yes, I agree. He does some nice portrait work. I like this one he did of Jeff Goldblum a lot.

And this also won't be his first Freddie. So I know I'm in good hands. 🙂

God knows I've seen some awful portraits. 


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Figured I'd give an update.

My artist shared with me a couple of concepts (not sure it'd be appropriate to share out of respect) and they look sweet but it became more apparent to me that laser was the way to go. The old tattoo makes it very difficult to position Freddie's face without some of the lettering showing up. So I had my first laser session on January 20th. Painful as F***. Thank God it only lasted 90 seconds. I see a very faint difference right now, but I'm aware this will take a lot of time and patience to get the desired results. My artist says I'll probably need 3-4 sessions which pushes my new tattoo to sometime in the late summer or fall. What a bummer! I was so looking forward to getting my new ink. But I know it'll be worth it in the end.

Noticed the above pics broke. Here's what I'm getting covered.



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