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Happy Christmas

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Hello - and Happy Christmas all - 

Not been contributing much due to lockdown/shutdown/eiderdown....

Had a couple of tattoos recently but all are stick and poke and not relevant to this site  - 

in any case....   Peace and Goodwill and here are my 12 things of Christmas...........

i)  They all do that

ii) Totally normal

iii) Not finished healing

iv) Not a blowout

v) A blowout

vi) A blowout a blowout a blowout - if you say it enough it becomes really weird....

vii) Stop covering it in stuff

viii) Stop covering it in other stuff

ix) No really stop covering it in stuff

x) Blimey - that looks odd

xi) No - its great but you really need to address your underlying anxiety issues

and my own contribution - 

xii) all ink is cool - change my mind.



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    • Those products aren't necessary. I have dry skin, too, but I dry heal. I don't find my dry skin has any impact on healing my tattoos. To each her own!
    • Good, you can save money. I have hundreds of hours in the chair healed perfectly fine with a little cocoa butter.
    • I managed to apply the Tegaderm over my tattoo after I showered this morning, there’s minimal plasma buildup underneath the ‘film so I guess it’s healing smoothly as of now Yeah agree, different time zone means I can’t check the replies promptly 🤣 Hi pidjones!  Yeah I roughly figured out that my tattoo artist is into the old school dry healing method. I personally have dry skin which is why I bought the film to try as I wanna minimise the chances of getting scabs/flakes, and also the weather in my country is horribly humid 🥺 I ordered the after inked moisturiser on Amazon and luckily it arrived today, just in time for me to apply in a few days time after I removed the film 
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