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The cloudy/faded/milky phase (help)


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Okay, so this is definitely not my first tattoo but for some reason it’s the first one I’m obsessed with. I’ve scoured the internet far and wide for answers but nothing! So, the thing is, my tattoo peeled and after scabbing the colors are lifeless and dull. It’s a black and blue tattoo. How long does this period typically last? It’s been exactly a month since I had it (in the mean time I had another one and tomorrow is my new session lol) and there seems to be still a fine, thin, blurry/milky film over it that obstructs details and makes them barely visible. Is this it or will it become a bit more vibrant and vivid over the next month? Thanks in advance guys! 
I’ve uploaded the fresh ink and current (30 days old) ink. I know it will never be like an open wound, it’s just a comparison. 



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Thanks man. So you think the milky phase can actually last that long? That's good to know, I was kinda freaking out. 
I'm the type of guy that started tattooing at early age (17) so you can imagine I had a lot of shitty pieces, lol. I'm sick and tired of tattoos that look like crap. 
My artist is very reputable and she's really great so I don't think she can mess something up. I really try to keep with the aftercare the best I can and since I have a gradus majorus anxiety and OCD it's tough. But I'm getting better. Lol. 

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