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    • Those products aren't necessary. I have dry skin, too, but I dry heal. I don't find my dry skin has any impact on healing my tattoos. To each her own!
    • Good, you can save money. I have hundreds of hours in the chair healed perfectly fine with a little cocoa butter.
    • I managed to apply the Tegaderm over my tattoo after I showered this morning, there’s minimal plasma buildup underneath the ‘film so I guess it’s healing smoothly as of now Yeah agree, different time zone means I can’t check the replies promptly 🤣 Hi pidjones!  Yeah I roughly figured out that my tattoo artist is into the old school dry healing method. I personally have dry skin which is why I bought the film to try as I wanna minimise the chances of getting scabs/flakes, and also the weather in my country is horribly humid 🥺 I ordered the after inked moisturiser on Amazon and luckily it arrived today, just in time for me to apply in a few days time after I removed the film 
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