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I'm about to get my first tattoo and my plan was to get a half sleeve with a mountain/lake/forest theme to it. I'm looking at tying in ideas from the concepts of:

  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Love for the outdoors
  • Fitness

I think I have a fairly good idea for the main portion of my arm but what I'm trying to figure out is what I'm going to do on my inner bicep. I doubt the mountains/landscape will wrap all the way around and I don't want an obvious stop to the tattoo. Was thinking about tying in some compass, trail map, etc. type concepts to bring it all together but as I picture it in my head, I'm not a huge fan.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Attached are two tattoos that I've liked so far.


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Not saying it can't, I just didn't know if more of a landscape type setup would wrap very well vs. other designs. 

I'm new to this which is why I was hoping for some thoughts/opinions. Trying to visualize it right now is hard. 🙂

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The landscape certainly could wrap around. Incorporating additionally other objects is an easy option, too. 

Find an artist whose work you admire and set up a consultation. Bring as many ideas and references as you can - especially theirs. 

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Thanks for the information. I currently have an artist I'm working with but I just wanted to get some different thoughts/opinions and was hoping a forum would be a good place to do that.

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It would need to wrap around to keep it from looking stupid. Doing a half sleeve on just the outside will give it the obvious stop you don’t want.

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