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Does anyone know whats going on?

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Around about a month ago I got my first tattoo and started my blackwork sleeve. Its been a pain to heal but all the scabs are finally off and I am left with these areas. To the eye they appear milky but under light they seem to be red (see pictures attached) I was wondering if anyone can help me out.



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Looks pretty normal for heavy work 4 weeks in. Assuming those areas are not "hot" or painful (indicating infection) then you're on a normal path for 4-8 weeks healing time.

Hard to tell where that is on your arm, but any area that gets stretched or bumped a lot is prone to extra time for healing and potential touch-ups. 

That's a lot of solid black for a 1st tattoo. Would love to see what you're working on, there. More pictures?

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Thanks for the help guys! The last few spots scabbed alot thicker and took ages to come off compared to the rest of my forearm, so I am hoping that these spots are just taking longer to heal due to the nature of the scabs and my job. I will keep in mind if it becomes hot to touch or painful in those areas to go see a doctor straight away. @Sstu at the moment its just a solid black sleeve from my wrist to almost the top of my forearm, have had to push back my next sessions so am thinking of coming up with an idea before heading back in rather then just a full black sleeve.

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