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Does this look fine for just under 3 weeks?


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So I got this Tattoo done 2 Sundays ago, so this Sunday will make it 3 weeks old. I pretty much started the washing/lotion process 2 full days after. I went through all the scabbing and peeling. This is where it stands after the very harsh scabbing. 

I see it's a bit light inked, perhaps even a bit cloudy. Well, compared to the day of anyway and obviously it will never be like that again. But I'm just curious if I can expect the blacks in this to become a bit more sharp and deep in the next couple weeks? 

The tattoo itself is not done! But I'm so excited to finish this piece and then move on to the next! This is my very first tattoo and I couldn't be more ecstatic.

Anyway, let me know that I'm just over analyzing a tattoo that's not ready, maybe? ^^ thanks!


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