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    • FXRrich: Yes, the colors are well balanced and similar: the style has continuity doesn't it?
    • What’s up everyone, new guy here from Philly area. It’s been about 5-6 years since I’ve been tattooed and haven’t followed as closely as once did. Now that I’m at a place where I’m able to seek out pieces and projects i want I’ve got that itch to really get back into it.   I’ve got a sleeve by Myke chambers and also a back piece that we started and need to get finished. From the brief reading I’ve done, he doesn’t get much love here. Im a big fan of American traditional but I love and appreciate all styles of tattooing. I’ve been saving my left arm and right leg for a special project, after getting lots of pieces on a whim or just hanging in the shop late night and letting your friend go to work.  Currently waiting on my passport so I can begin trying to start a sleeve project with Peter Lagergren 
    • hannahlsj: Oh okay, I hadn't heard about the Miami Ink studio moving; you from Singapore evidently keep up with stuff in North America... (It's one of a number of similar TV shows, anyway.) About strict parents; well, in North America, too, there are many strict parents although maybe the 'strictness' works out in different ways; e.g., in North America Hannah your name is known to mean 'favored by God' and many ppl from believing families have tattoos; I saw a quote from the Bible Belt which indicated just how many younger ppl from churches in the Bible Belt have ink - often in faith based designs - so for moms it's not unusual over here, even if the family is strict and believing, when their young ppl have it done.
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