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I really need a help for my new tattoo :(

Little Ladybug丶

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Hey guys,

I really have a question about my second new tattoo, it's two weeks old, I have no idea what this situation is.

I have attached some photos, It seems like a part of my tattoo's line is missing and faded which I circled in the photo? Or it is just still healing.😭😭😭😭

Frankly looking forward to getting some advices❤❤

Thanks a lot :)



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24 minutes ago, cmk1987 said:

Could be a tiny blowout too. Totally fixable though. Sstu is right - you’ve got weeks of healing left before knowing what you have

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Okay, I am prepared for the blowout😂 If finally it is a blowout I will find my tattoo artist and touch up 😉   Thank u all the same~~

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On 1/15/2021 at 11:03 AM, SStu said:

Well, with respect to semantics - you can HIDE a blowout, but you can't remove it. If the design allows for it, a blowout can be covered with shading, or coloring, etc. 

Yup. I took "fix" as meaning "remove" or go over it again with thicker lines or whatever. I have one that was covered up in my left sleeve with filler. (The filler was always planned anyway.)

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