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1 year old tattoo question


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This tattoo is a little over a year old and had to have it touched up twice, the most recent being back in April. I have noticed these brown marks on and around the tattoo and it has been like this for a few months. Also the skin around the tattoo used to have this same brown color that washed off and it was noticeably a different color compared to the rest of my skin. What do I need to do in this case? I have been using lotion daily and nothing has changed.



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16 minutes ago, cmk1987 said:

That scaly skin is typical of an allergic reaction to the ink. Typically the skin will go back to normal, but it can take quite a while. If you find it bothersome I’d see a dermatologist.

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Thank you!

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On 2/9/2021 at 6:20 PM, onlyme said:

Like I said in January, design I got on my arm was not a success; like I say in the profile, I'm learning.

But you had been constantly posting like you have some great knowledge and a full body suit. And I don't remember you saying anything about your arm "not being a success." What does that even mean? Why are you so vague?

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