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Need advice about touching up previously infected tattoo


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I'm new here, but I wanted to get some advice about my most recent tattoo! Here's a picture of it freshly done:



 I got the tattoo on January 29th from a reputable shop and artist that I extensively researched. The tattoo process itself went fine, I didn't notice anything wrong in the shop, but as soon as I took off the Saniderm I noticed something was off with a part of her hair (color was way off, stayed red for way longer than other parts, really warm). A few days later, there was still some redness/unusual drainage, and a doctor's visit confirmed it was infected. I was given antibiotics and an antibacterial ointment, and it cleared up pretty quickly. Thankfully it was only a few small places and one larger section of her hair, not the entire piece. 


Here's what she looks like now! Pardon the angle lol, hard to get a good pic:



Obviously there's missing ink where the infection was, which is the main thing I want to get touched up. There's a few spots of blowout/some lines aren't as crisp, but I'm honestly okay with that considering it couldn't have been SO much worse!!  I definitely don't expect perfection. 

 I'm fine with waiting a while to get her touched up, but I'm feeling really uneasy about going back to the original artist. I love his work and I don't want to blame him, it but I'm nervous about the same thing happening again. Would it be safe to go back to him, or should I find another artist to touch it up? I wasn't sure if other artists would be comfortable touching up someone else's work, but I figured I could explain the situation a little 

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