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Tattoo red/raised?


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Hi all! 

I apologize for posting in Initiation about this matter but it’s my first post!

I got this tattoo 9 days ago, currently in its scabbing/peeling phase. One of the leaves got raised (only in the outline) and a little redness around it today. It’s a little itchy, nothing crazy. This isn’t my first tattoo but it’s my first tattoo that I’m dry healing. 

Does it look okay? Doesn’t hurt, doesn’t feel hot. Just raised and and little red. 


Thanks in advance! 



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1 hour ago, oboogie said:

Looks fine to me. Just let it heal. If it feels hot and/or has pus, go to the doctor.

Thanks! I talked to my artist and he said it looks fine, just looks like my skin is just having a rough time healing since we did this in a long sitting! 

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