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Possible infected tattoo please help!


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Hello all!

I've been getting tattooed now for about 4 or so years and I haven't had any issues however my latest tattoo I got about 4 days ago seems to a bit weird around one little section of it.


I have one little bit of white ink on my leg that seems to be discoloured (all my tattoo have been only black before this). It got a weird green, red tint and I was wondering if it's infected. It's the white part in the middle of the image. Just need to know if I need to contact my artist and possibly get help.


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Tend to agree with Hogrider. If it's not painful or oozing then it's probably a watch and wait game. Looks like maybe a thick scab from what I can tell which could just be the result of blood and plasma collecting in that spot during healing. I had this happen with part of my first sleeve resulting in some heavy scabs. Had me worried but it all healed fine in the end.

Definitely no harm in asking your artist and would probably give you peace of mind.

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