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Hi everyone - first time poster long time listener 🙂


I'm booked to complete my sleeve in a month which I've been planning on and off for approx 5yrs but now I'm worried it'll look lame/disjointed.  I originally got my existing arm tattoos one at a time, tried to match them up but I don't like the way they're looking, don't get me wrong I love the content and the artistry but feel they're a little too cartoonish/kiddish - and I'd like to complete my sleeve still with a geeky/cartoon/90s theme but incorporating some trash polka elements (watercolour, splashes, honeycomb, abstract geometric shapes etc) to make it look more graffiti or grungy?  Even thinking of adding some construction lines to astro boy.

Attached is a pic of my current arm tattoos and then a few ideas of the style i was thinking - but not wanting the standard red and black trash polka...

Other elements I want to add are: Dr who tardis & galifrey writing + back to the future clock + jurassic park trex skeleton head + ghostbuster trap and pacman ghost + crash bandicoot aku aku + tmnt head + neverending story medallion


Love to know if you can imagine what i'm describing and any suggestions or thoughts


current tat.png



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Posted (edited)

Trash polka is red and black. That bottom tattoo is more watercolor mixed with ... something else.

I'd find a good artist and talk to them about it. They will have to work on drawings and placement.

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